Grancari Estate Wines is owned and managed by Rino and Greta Ozzella who believe that natural methods of growing and managing their small organic vineyard and winemaking processes will benefit consumers now and maintain viable soils for future generations. New research is showing that organic methods, when used in agriculture, produce foods with more nutrients, and sometimes there is a remarkable improvement in the quality of these products. Many consumers describe organic produce as having more flavour.

Keeping this in mind, Rino and Greta have chosen not to use chemicals, weedicides or pesticides on their property, not only for their own health but for the health of their consumers and neighbours as well.

Rino manages the weeds by using a disc plough between the rows of vines and a French plough (dodge plough,) under the vines. A regular spray program using natural fungicides is maintained to manage possible outbreaks of disease.

Organic methods of management, bare earth cultivation, as well as limestone ridges, shale and sandy loam, contribute to the premium quality of the rich full bodied wines produced by Grancari Estate Wines.

Rino’s relatives in Italy have made their wines for generations without the use of preservatives and Grancari has decided to allow some of their organic wines to be sold preservative free for early consumption to consumers who may have allergies, or who simply prefer naturally produced wine.

New and old, French and American oak, including barrels direct from a small boutique cooper in France, are used to mature the organic wines.